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Supplying Specimens

Guidelines for Supplying  Specimens for TCP Genus Tests 

(Please contact the TCP prior to sending any material)

Required Specimens:

The following is required for each lot of specimens:

  • Original site information of specimen sampling (if available).
  • Order, Family, Genus, and the number of specimens in each vial.
  • The specimens must be identifiable using only a stereo microscope (40X magnification)  for Coleoptera, Diptera, Hemiptera, Odonata, Insecta, Trombidiformes, Crustacea, Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera Trichoptera (include cases for case-makers), Hirudinea and Mollusca, and without need of dissection, (this may make some genera inappropriate for exam purposes).
  • Chironomidae and Oligochaeta slides should be of high quality with only one genus per slide (e.g., clean, neatly prepared using one of the recommended permanent mountants, and without receding mountant or air bubbles).  Please specify the mounting medium used and if slide mounts need to be sealed upon receipt by the TCP coordinator.  Compound microscopes (400X - 1000X  magnification) are recommended for candidates taking tests for these groups.                 
  • The specimens must be of condition, size and maturity to be able to see all the keyable parts during the exam, without dissection.
  • Please do not send any specimens you feel are of inferior condition (i.e., too small or immature, or missing parts needed for standard identification as defined by the examination parameters). Also avoid genera that must be dissected to be identified (please - no cotton wool in vials). 
  • Our greatest demand is for a variety of genera and specimen numbers that are categorized as 'widespread' and then 'common' on the taxa lists provided elsewhere on this website. Please contact us for up-to-date inventory needs. 
  • We are able to provide compensation, if required, for suitable specimens at the rates of:
    • $2 per whole mature larvae specimen
    • $3 per permanent mounted specimen

Shipping Instructions


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