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Genus Level Test Center Online Application

Genus Level Test Centre Online Application

SFS Member
Supervisor name
Location and type of facility, eg., College/University; Government laboratory.
Is this location readily accessible?
Microscope facilities - number and type of stereo and compound microscopes.
Laboratory facilities - can you supply the necessary bench space and equipment, Petri dishes, ethanol, etc?
Do you have taxonomic expertise on hand to resolve issues regarding specimen quality?
How many potential candidates can be accommodated in one 3 hr examination session?
What is the date of your proposed certification event?
How many candidates will you accept (number of 3 h sessions x number of microscope stations)?
What groups will you be offering/testing?


Genus Level Test Centers/Supervisors

List of Test Centers

A list of locations approved for holding Genus Level examinations can be accessed from this link.  This list is being modified on an ongoing basis.  You may contact the centers directly to see if upcoming events are being considered.  Some centers may consider holding tests by appointment.  Upcoming events can be seen on the upcoming tests page.


New Test centers

The SFS is interested in receiving applications from locations interested in hosting SFS Genus Level 2 certification tests. If you are interested in becoming a genus level test center please complete the application form (from the above link) and send it to the program coordinator.  Typical locations would be academic institutions, Government Laboratories, Consulting laboratories or other similar locations.

A Genus Level TCE may also be administered in connection with a course or workshop, by prior arrangement with the Taxonomic Program Coordinator (TCP).


Each Genus Level TCE Center will be staffed by an examination supervisor and an alternate supervisor, who are SFS members. The TCE Center will provide (a) dissecting microscopes with magnification of at least 40X and fiber-optic incident and transmitted light and (b) compound microscopes with magnification of at least 400X (1000X preferred). Each type of microscope will be in sufficient number to accommodate the registered candidates. Candidates may bring their own microscopes. Candidates must provide their own literature, forceps, and other examination tools. The Genus Level TCE Center will provide examination dishes, alcohol, and other necessary supplies. The Genus Level TCE will be "open book." Responses will be handwritten on a Genus Level TCE answer sheet.

A maximum of 3 hours will be allowed for examination of each Taxonomic Group. When more than one taxonomic group is being attempted in a single examination, each Taxonomic Group will be examined in succession with up to 3 hours allotted for each Taxonomic Group.

The role of the Examination Supervisor

Genus Level TCE Supervisors will be selected by the TCC and should be members of SFS. The responsibilities of each Examination Supervisor will be as follows:



Pre- exam

  • To ensure that the necessary facilities and equipment are available for each candidate on the examination date.  These include a laboratory type work station with appropriate microscope, Petri dishes, 70% ethanol and wash bottles at each station.
  • To be available to receive the test sets from the TCP’s shipper at a pre-arranged address and date and ensure that the test sets are at the test centre on test day.


  • To supervise the conduct of the Genus Level TCE and ensure all candidates follow standard examination practice
  • To review the instructions to candidates prior to commencing the examination, particularly the replacement of specimens if required
  • To examine any specimen before replacement and ensure the candidates concern is valid, and then to distribute replacement specimens if required. Please note that the only reason for changing slide mounted material is if it has been damaged in transit.  If a specimen is replaced note the fact that the specimen has been replaced and the replacement specimen’s test set and number on the candidate answer sheet.
  • To receive the candidates written results on test completion.
  • To receive fees in those cases where candidates pay on site.


Post Exam

  • To dispatch the tests sets, the test result, the questionnaires and any received fees in the shipping case to the Coordinator by courier service as soon as possible, after the examination.
  • For shipping from the US to Canada you must have a FedEx International Air Waybill and a Commercial Invoice. These will be provided in the case(s) with the test sets and will be filled out but both documents must be dated and signed by the supervisor. The original waybill copy and the new waybill, Commercial Invoice and genera lists must be in the poly shipping pouch on the outside of the case.
  • You may call FedEx at: 1-800-463-3339  for a pick up at your office. 



The candidate registration will close at least one month before the scheduled examination date. All candidates should register for Genus Level testing through the TCP web site, copies of the list of candidates for a test center will be forwarded directly to the Examination Supervisor.

If you have interest in being a SFS Genus Level Test Centre or Examination Supervisor please contact the Program Coordinator.


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