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Online Images to Family Test

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Online Testing Instructions:

The SFSTCP Family and Genus Level Certification Tests are image based and being made available through the SFS TCP website. 
Test results are distributed to the candidate by email immediately on completion. 

At present we offer one test to family level that includes aquatic insects only with image collages drawn at random from a bank of images.

Also we are offering a new online image test for Eastern EPT to genus level.

The Tests are administered on the TCP website and will be taken in a controlled, supervised environment. To take either test the Candidate will need to make arrangements with a Test Proctor at an approved Test Center.  (Those interested in being TCP Family Level Test Centers should review the requirements and contact the Program Coordinator.)   Once payment has been received the candidate will be able to take the test. 

Test Registration

  • Contact an Online Test Centre and Test Proctor to arrange a test date and time.( you may set one up in your area by contacting tcp@stroudcenter.org )
  • Register on the SFSTCP website and remember your username and password for test day.
  • Register your test date and address information using the Test Registration form on the SFS-TCP web site.
  • Payment must be received prior to testing either through PayPal using SFSTCP as the recipient or by check made payable to SFSTCP and mailed to the program administrator. The current test fees are as follows: $100 USD for the Family level test and $350 USD for the Genus Level Test
Testing Proceedure

  • On arrival at the Centre,  the Proctor will explain the test conditions at the facility and allow you to set up your test station.
  • Candidate(s) will  Login on the SFSTCP web site (note: you must be logged in to make the "Take the Test" links active) select the link (bottom of page) for the test you wish to take, and agree to accept the test conditions.
  • The Proctor will then enter their user name and password on the proctor login page and then LAUNCH the Test. The test will time out automatically after three hours. The candidate may choose to FINISH the examination at any time.( If a connection is lost during the test and if your time allows you may  launch a new test or book a  day and time that works for all to try again with no additional cost.)  
  • The candidate can move through the specimens at their own pace and return to specimens if they wish and change their identification.
  • Specimens are represented by  image collages, as required to provide identification.  In order to show key features required for identification an image set may include specimens from more than one genus.
  • Identification will be made through hierarchical drop down boxes. "NEXT" must be clicked to record or change an answer and after the last question # 40. 
  • At the end of 180 minutes or when the candidate chooses to finish the exam, test results will be sent to the candidate's registered email address and to the program administrator. 
  • The test is open book, and candidates may use taxonomic keys as required.
  • The candidates will receive no assistance in image identification during the test from any other individuals.
  • A test score of 95% (38 of 40 images to family level and 19 of 20 images to genus level ) will result in successful certification.
  • A score of 90-95% will allow a half price resit which will be refunded if the resit is successful. 
  • Certificates will be mailed out to the successful test candidates and their name and affiliation will be posted on the SFSTCP web site and stand for five years.


Online Test Proctors:
Proctors will provide technical assistance with the web-administered system and verify the candidate's identity and his/her independence in the taking of the test (i.e., the absence of unauthorized assistance). The Proctor will assure that the candidate follows the requirements of the tests and accepts the test conditions. The Proctor must be registered on the TCP site, know their user name and password and set up in the proctor roll by the TCP administrator prior to test day, in order to login and launch the test for the test candidate.

As a Registered Test Proctor, prior to test day, we welcome you to try the full log in and test launch, to familiarize yourself with the test procedure.

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